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Let the pollinating begin: Lakewood City Council approves beekeeping ordinance

LAKEWOOD, Ohio -- There’s a buzz in Lakewood after City Council last week passed a beekeeping ordinance.

“It’s a long time in the making that took a lot of work, with input from the community, including actual beekeepers,” Ward 2 City Councilman Jason Shachner said.

“We even had the county apiary inspector give some comments and provide some good input. The president of the Ohio State Beekeepers Association gave input into this ordinance, so it was really a team effort. I’m glad we were able to see it pass the finish line here.”

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Lakewood considering parklet permits for restaurants to help expand outdoor seating

LAKEWOOD, Ohio (WJW) — Coronavirus guidelines for social distancing are forcing bars and restaurants to look for ways to create new space for outdoor dining.

Lakewood City Councilman Jason Shachner is a big supporter of parklets. In May, Shachner proposed giving bars and restaurants more options to expand outdoor dining, and Lakewood’s Temporary Outdoor Dining Resolution opened the door for parklets, by loosening regulations for outdoor seating in parking lots and on sidewalks.

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Lakewood considers commemorating 19th Amendment’s 100th year anniversary with park dedication to influential suffragette

LAKEWOOD, Ohio -- Considering next month marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which gave women across the country the right to vote, Lakewood City Council is soon expected to approve the dedication of St. Charles Green as Bernice Pyke Park.

“The neighborhood has been asking for this space to be designated as a park for years,” Lakewood Ward 2 City Councilman Jason Shachner said. “I’m glad to help get this park past the finish line and to name it after such an important figure in Lakewood history.”

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Lakewood touts temporary outdoor dining success, considers parklets for on-street seating

LAKEWOOD, Ohio -- So far, so good is what the city is saying about its recent efforts to allow businesses hurt by COVID-19 to expand outdoor dining options.

Over the past few weeks, the Lakewood Planning Commission -- which is waiving application fees and completing design reviews in house rather than going through the Lakewood Architectural Board of Review -- has approved a dozen conditional use permits for temporary expansion of outdoor dining.

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Lakewood City Council OKs additional restaurant patio seating

LAKEWOOD, Ohio -- At a special meeting Thursday night (May 21), City Council unanimously approved an ordinance that allows the Planning Commission to grant restaurants temporary conditional use permits to expand outdoor/seasonal dining into private parking lots and sidewalks during the COVID-19 emergency.

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Lakewood City Council considers closing metered parking spots on streets to allow for added restaurant patio seating

LAKEWOOD, Ohio -- Now that Gov. Mike DeWine has loosened restaurant restrictions by allowing patio-only service to begin today (May 15), with limited dining room seating to follow in a week, municipalities are exploring ways to help owners expand their capacity, which has been severely reduced due to social distancing guidelines.

At Monday’s Lakewood City Council meeting (May 18), Ward 2 Councilman Jason Shachner will introduce a letter signed by all council members requesting that Mayor Meghan George and her staff identify sections of Madison and Detroit avenues -- as well as intersecting side streets -- that can be closed to vehicle traffic.

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Lakewood moves forward with expanded outdoor seating plans while Rocky River luxury living project starts

LAKEWOOD, Ohio -- If Lakewood City Council approves a resolution allowing expanded outdoor dining for restaurants at a special meeting tonight, Council member Jason Shachner tells News 5 “restaurants can expand their outdoor dining as fast as the Planning Commission can approve their plans.”

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Lakewood councilman hopes to clarify the buzz on backyard beekeeping

LAKEWOOD, Ohio -- Earlier this year, Ward 2 City Councilman Jason Shachner was, well, stung after learning that the city’s zoning code currently doesn’t include language related to urban beekeeping in Lakewood.

As chair of the Housing, Planning and Development Committee, busy bee Shachner submitted a letter to City Council last night (March 2) about officially legalizing urban beekeeping in Lakewood.

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Letter To The Editor: Why I Am Voting For Jason Shachner

A few months ago, I recently moved into Lakewood. As a Post-9/11 veteran, I have moved around quite a bit throughout my life, and I have for a long time been searching for a community to call my permanent home. I’ve been looking for a neighborhood that is beautiful, and peaceful, and fun, while also being affordable and close to Downtown. More so, as a young LGBTQ+ woman who has recently transitioned, I needed to find a place that is welcoming and safe for me and my loved ones. Naturally, I thought of Lakewood.

Shortly after moving here, some friends of mine suggested that I should meet a neighbor named Jason Shachner. Eager to make friends in my new home, I reached out to him, and we had a beer at a local hangout. On meeting, the first thing I noticed was how young and energetic he is, and how he filled the room with positive excitement. With much enthusiasm, he told me about his life, his education, his work. He’s a person who’s been working hard for a long time to make the community a better place. He’s a devoted husband, a volunteer, and a man of faith. He is an attorney who became a prosecutor, not to lock people up – but because he wants to fix our legal system from the inside out. This is one of the reasons why, he expressed to me, he wants to become a lawmaker. As such, on November 5, he is running to represent Ward 2 on Lakewood City Council.

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Accessory Dwelling Units: A Way to Promote Aging in Place

When knocking on doors, I consistently hear concerns about affordable housing and the ability of our seniors to age in place. Homes without stairs are scarce and there are few single floor living options for seniors who want to remain in their neighborhood. We need new solutions to this problem, which is why, if elected to be your next Ward 2 Councilperson, I will propose the addition of Accessory Dwelling Units into Lakewood's Planning and Zoning Code. Click here to read more

It's Time to Make Kauffman Park a Priority 

Kauffman Park, named for Lakewood’s longest serving mayor, Amos Kauffman, is tucked behind Drug Mart and occupies the space between Lakeland and Andrews Avenues. The park has captured the imaginations of our neighbors and sparked the creation of Friends of Kauffman Park. For years, the organization’s membership has been working to improve the park, so that it can attain its full potential as a city-wide destination with amenities that everyone can enjoy. The time is now to make investment in Kauffman Park a priority. Click here to read more

Jason Shachner: A New, Experienced Voice For Ward 2

My name is Jason Shachner and I am running to be your next Ward 2 Councilperson. My wife, Michelle, and I own a home on Cook Avenue with our 12-year-old shepherd mix, Tessie. Lakewood is home for us because of its schools, parks, walkability, unique restaurants and businesses and, most of all, its strong sense of community. I am running for council because Lakewood should be able to support you at every stage of your life. Whether you are a new family or ready to retire, I want you to be able to call Lakewood home. Click here to read more

Cleveland Building Trades Endorse Jason Shachner in Council Race

The Cleveland Building and Construction Trades Council endorsed Jason Shachner's candidacy for Lakewood City Council Ward 2.

The Council consists of 27 local unions and 2 district councils. The affiliated unions of the CBCTC represent thousands of Cuyahoga County union members.

According to CBCTC's website, "The affiliated unions of the CBCTC represent over 10,000 highly-skilled employees trained at some of the most state-of-the-art training facilities in the country. The CBCTC is committed to maintaining the integrity of a strong union between labor and management working together to promote the interests of organized labor and its employees."


"With Lakewood's ongoing development projects, this endorsement is especially meaningful. I look forward to working with the membership of the Cleveland Building and Construction Trades Council to promote the strength of our unions and to fight to ensure that union members receive the pay and working conditions that they deserve." Shachner said. Click here to read more

Cuyahoga Democrats Endorse Jason Shachner for City Council Ward 2

The Cuyahoga County Democratic Party endorsed Jason Shachner's candidacy for Lakewood City Council Ward 2 this past Saturday.

The party's Lakewood Executive Committee heard from candidates for Lakewood Mayor and City Council. A candidate must get 60 percent of the vote to win the endorsement.

Shachner received 80 percent of the vote, according to Ryan Puente, Executive Director of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party.

"Lakewood's Executive Committee is made up of Lakewood residents that have a demonstrated commitment to their community and to Democratic ideals. Winning the endorsement by such a large margin shows that Mr. Shachner has earned the trust and respect of his peers and we look forward to helping him succeed in November," Puente said. Click here to read more

Jason Shachner Announces Bid For Lakewood Council Seat

Attorney Jason Shachner announced his bid for the Lakewood City Council Ward 2 seat over the weekend.

"I am running for City Council to ensure that Lakewood continues to be the vibrant and safe city that we all enjoy," Shachner said.


Shachner is an assistant prosecutor in Lake County. He is also a former member of the Lakewood Heritage Advisory Board and a current member of the Youth Athletic Commission. He currently lives on Cook Avenue. Click here to read more.

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